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Cosmo and Fizzie (Vancouver, BC)
Sparkle (Calgary, Alberta)
Dr. Bloomsie 2
Hubert and Onri (Winnipeg, MB)
St. Boniface Hospital (Winnipeg, MB)
Molly Penny (Ottawa, ON)
Dr. Flap
Nurse Flutter and Nurse Polo (Toronto)
Peachy and Dizzy (Toronto, ON)
SickKids Toronto
Ollie Pale (London, Ontario)
Fondation Dr Clown
Clowns Therapeutiques Saguenay
Nana Margie

Therapeutic Clowns Canada

Canadian Therapeutic Clown and Clown Doctor programs operate independently of one another.


Clowns Thérapeutiques du Canada

Les programmes de clowns thérapeutiques et de clown docteurs sont des entités indépendants.

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