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Therapeutic Clown Training

In Canada, most organizations, institutions and individuals hiring new therapeutic clowns offer in-house training to those they select for the work. Trainings in therapeutic clowning for the public are beginning to emerge and will be posted here as they are offered.

Dr Clown Foundation: trainers available for artistic and therapeutic clown development, improvisation, slapstick, psychosocial, in pediatric or geriatric contexts

Contact Melissa Holland:

Clown Training

Helen Donnelly (Toronto and Haliburton)

Olivier-Hugues Terreault (Global)

Jon Beale (Halifax, Guelph and Toronto)

John Turner, The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance

Francine Cote (Quebec)

Grindl Kuchirka (Toronto, global)

Jan Henderson

Don Rieder

Mike Kennard

Rachelle Elie (Ottawa)

Fiona Griffiths (Toronto)


Giuseppe Condello (Winnipeg, Toronto)


Bad Dog Theatre (Toronto)

The Second City (Toronto)



Sonia Norris (Toronto)


Bruce Hunter (Toronto)


Movement, dance

Viv Moore (Toronto)

Metro Movement (Toronto)

Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (Toronto)

Fiona Griffiths (Toronto)

Acting/theatre training

Theatre Ontario (Toronto)

Volcano (Toronto)


Katherine Duncanson (Toronto)

David Smuckler (across Canada)

Stella Walker (Toronto)

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