Therapeutic Clown Training

Therapeutic Clown Certificate, George Brown College

Dr Clown Foundation: trainers available for artistic and therapeutic clown development, improvisation, slapstick, psychosocial, in pediatric or geriatric contexts

Contact Melissa Holland:

Winnipeg Holistic Expressive Arts Therapy Institute

Clown Training

Helen Donnelly (Toronto and Haliburton):

Olivier-Hugues Terreault (Global):

Jon Beale (Halifax, Guelph and Toronto):

John Turner, The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance

Francine Cote (Quebec):

Grindl Kuchirka (Toronto, global):

Jan Henderson:

Don Rieder:

Mike Kennard:

Rachelle Elie (Ottawa):

Fiona Griffiths (Toronto):


Giuseppe Condello (Winnipeg, Toronto):


Bad Dog Theatre (Toronto):

Black Swan Comedy/Social Capital Theatre (Toronto):

The Second City (Toronto):



Sonia Norris (Toronto)


Bruce Hunter (Toronto):


Movement, dance

Viv Moore (Toronto):

Metro Movement (Toronto):

Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (Toronto):

Fiona Griffiths (Toronto):

Toronto Rhythm Initiative (Toronto)


Acting/theatre training

Theatre Ontario (Toronto):

Volcano (Toronto):

Theatre Rusticle (Toronto):



Katherine Duncanson (Toronto):

David Smuckler (across Canada):

Stella Walker (Toronto)